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Manchaca Fire Rescue
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10-09-19 Notice of Promotion and Transfer
09-26-19 M006: New PPV Fans
09-24-19 M005: Promotion Results & Transfer Openings
08-01-19 M004: CAD Outage Aug 5th
07-11-19 M003: Knox Weather Shield
06-18-19 M002: LT and DO Promotion Process
06-18-19 D004: MFR Technology Upgrades
05-29-19 D003: Management of PTO
01-17-19 M001: Spring CE on Blackboard
01-03-19 D002: Proper Coding for When to Work
01-03-19 D001: Patient Refusal Forms


10-12-18 M009: NODA
09-25-18 M008: Fall 2018 Blackboard CE
09-25-18 M007: NODA
08-21-18 M006: NODA
08-04-18 M005: Updates to Security Measures
08-04-18 M004: Notice of Disciplinary Actions
08-04-18 M003: Staffing Changes in ESD5
07-10-18 M002: July Staff Meeting Notes
07-06-16 D002: Training Coordinator Position
04-16-18 D001: Dispatching of Traffic Accidents
04-01-18 M001: Change in Medical Director


11-30-17 D010: Institution of Daily Training Drills
11-14-17 M010: New Staffing Policy
11-03-17 M009: Results from Driver/Operator Promotion Process
11-02-17 M008: Upcoming Transition to 48/96
09-19-17 D009: Care of Lawn Equipment
09-11-17 D008: 48/96 Schedule and Elimination of Kelly Days
08-01-17 M007: DO Exam Policy Table of Contents
08-01-17 M006: Shift Coverage for Sam Porter
07-24-17 D007: Driver/Operator Qualification Process
07-24-17 M005: Announcement of DO Promotion Process
06-27-17 M004: Assistance to Sam Porter
06-10-17 D006: Changes to Employee Handbook
05-27-17 D005: Use of When to Work for Employee Timekeeping
05-19-17 D004: Use of Delay Status
05-19-17 M003: Spare MDC in Watch Office
05-03-17 D003: Higher Class Lieutenant’s Helmet
05-01-17 M002: Traffic Accident Call Type
04-21-17 D002: Weekly Service of Septic System Filter
01-19-17 D001: ACC Blackboard Continuing Education
01-19-17 M001: Memos and Directives